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Amina began studying Raqs Sharqi (dance of the East) since 1995.  She has been performing in restaurants and for private and corporate events since 1998.  Her most influential teachers early on were Kamila and Maja from South Florida.    With a background in gymnastics, baton twirling, Kung Fu, fitness and nutrition she sees this dance as a lifestyle change that promotes health and wellness. She wishes to share this knowledge with as many people as possible, of all ages, sizes and genders. She has taught students between ages 5-75 over her many years of instruction. She has studied with many local and international instructors such as Suzanne Del Vecchio, Jillina, Aziza, Suhaila, Miriam Eli, Ilsa, Virginia, Hanan, Bozenka, Samay, Amir Thaleb, Tamalyn Dallal, Jasmin Jahal, Jihan Jamal, Maria Jammal and many more.

Amina performed for Arturo Sandoval’s birthday party at his home in Miami, and at events including guests such as Gloria and Emilio Estefan, George Hamilton, Michael Rappaport, Thomas Jane and Doug Flutie. Her first restaurant gig was in 1998 dancing at “The Kasbah” Moroccan restaurant in Pompano Beach, Fl. She was the first featured performer at “Ferdos Grill” in Ft. Lauderdale in 2001 and the featured dancer at “My Big Fat Greek” from 2006-2010.

Amina has shared her talents and taught belly dance at various senior centers in the South Florida area to promote health, fitness,  and well-being. She has taught adult ed classes and taught in many dance studios over the years as well. She is currently teaching  private and group classes via Zoom due to the corona virus pandemic.

She has a home studio in Hollywood, Florida and may begin private classes again in July by appointment only.  She’s been certified in YogaFit Level 1, ISSA Personal Training, ISSA Fitness Nutrition and Zumba, although she is no longer pursuing  Zumba instruction or personal training, she is very knowledgeable when it comes to fitness through dance, yoga, pilates and various stretching exercises.  Finding ways to stay fit and healthy without lots of cumbersome equipment is always a consideration.  She also offers stretch and tone classes by appointment.

New studies indicate that dance helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease.  Combinations and choreography as well as various steps and turns are taught to keep dancer’s minds sharp and challenge the memory  and quick thinking, while creating a killer workout.  Drilling movements and isolations in class as well as at home in your own practice will keep you healthier and stimulate that muscle memory.

Amina has  trained several dancers some of whom have performed professionally  with Amina’s performing company “Desert Jewels” for private and corporate events. Amina and her dancers have shows for all types of events, corporate, private, cultural and senior centers.  Shows include choreography, props, improvisation, audience participation and/or instruction.

Performances are suitable for all ages but providing as many details of your event as possible will assist Amina in putting together the perfect show or shows for your event.




Why Learn to Belly Dance or hire a Belly Dancer?

Online Classes Via Zoom

1st Class $5
New Students only!

Group Class Prices:
$10 per class         
Pay prior to joining the class to be admitted.  *Preferably 15-30 minutes early for group classes.  A link will then be forwarded via email.  Upon payment, be sure to provide your email address and phone number if you are a new student!

Please pay via PayPal


US Eastern Standard Time for all Zoom appointments.

Monday evening group class canceled for the summer. Available  for classes by appointment only.  Class may return in the fall.  Email  or call if interested in Monday night classes. 

10:00 am-9:00 pm  
Amina is available for private lessons .

10 am to 6:30 
Amina is available for private lessons . 

10 am to 9:00 pm
Amina is available for private lessons .

10 am to 9:00 pm 
Amina is available for private lessons .

10 am-8:00 pm 
Amina is available for private lessons .

2 pm-3:00 pm 
“Drill Baby Drill”  Perfect that Skill. (group class)

This may not be the Hallmark Channel, but it is "Christmas in July". Short trio of choreo starting with Jingle Bells & finishing with a terrific drum solo.  Very fun, happy & uplifting.  Lift your spirits with a little hoiday cheer to get us through these tough times.

10 am to 6:00 pm 
Amina is available for private lessons .

Group Class Pricing
Pay prior to joining the class to be admitted.  Preferably 15-30 minutes early for group classes.  A link will then be forwarded via email.

Private Session Pricing

$45 for 1 hour class:               (1-3 students=$15 ea, if you have  3)

$60 for 1.5 hour  class:          (1-3 students/$20 ea, if you have 3)

For each additional student added  to either class above, there will be  an additional $15  charge .

To register for classes please call Amina (954) 895-8153 or Email or

Liven Up Your Event

       Amina has been a professional belly dance performer and instructor since 1998 and has performed at a variety of venues over the years. 

       Hiring a professional belly dancer as entertainment for your next party or event is the right decision whether for adults, men, women or children.

       A belly dance (Raqs Sharqi) show alone or a show mixed with instruction or interaction is a great choice for almost any event looking for lively, upbeat entertainment.  It’s the perfect way to get the party started, inspire your guests and perfect for larger venues.

        Amina provides elegant, professional, highly skilled and experienced dancers and entertainers in their field. 

       Amina and her performers have extensive experience performing at all kinds of events including birthday parties, weddings, baby/bridal showers, bar/bat mitzvahs, sweet six-teens, quinces, girls night out, wedding and baby showers, holiday parties and corporate events of all kinds.

       There are many dancers out there to choose from for your event, hire Amina and make it an event to remember.  You may even learn a move or two in the process.

To book a dancer, call Amina today!

(954) 895-8153 

Private Lessons for You and a Friend too!

 Belly Dance (Raqs Sharqi) engages all major muscle groups through their full range of motion using gentle repetitive circular movements and isolations targeting specific muscles groups. 

 This dance form is low impact and gentle on the joints and internal organs.  It helps improve posture while encouraging proper body alignment; helps ease digestion; increases body awareness, strength, flexibility, and balance; increases muscle tone; and helps manage stress while increasing self-confidence, self esteem and female empowerment. 

 Learn to control muscles you never knew you had while strengthening your core and back.  

Private & Semi-Private Classes With Amina

 Classes focus on isolations, figures 8’s, hip circles, basic Egyptians, shimmies, slow (melodic) movements, sharp accents in addition to specific techniques to achieve the affects and stylizations you most desire.  Combinations will be taught along with veil work, finger cymbals and choreography, if requested by the student. Classes are personalized to meet each student’s individual needs and requests. ALL LEVELS WELCOME.

Home Studio Classes

 Classes are 1.5 hours.
Space is limited to 4 students at a time. However, during the corona virus pandemic, only one student will be permitted until further notice.

Option #1

 Amina is available to teach private and semi-private lessons at her home studio, post 2020 pandemic.

$60/class- 1.5 hours
(1 student);

$70/class -1.5 hours
(2 students split cost);

$75/class -1.5 hours
(3 students split cost=$25 ea)

Option #2
Amina is available to teach at your space for an additional fee based on location, post 2020 pandemic. 
Additional charge for studio rental space, privately scheduled group classes based on availability, or at your specified location. Travel time and distance will be considered to determine pricing. 

Pay via PayPal 1 hour prior to class.


Contact Amina to inquire.
(954) 895-8153 or e-mail to schedule your class today.  Flexible hours: mornings, evenings and weekends available. 


Bring bottled water and a towel for sweat.  Wear comfortable form fitting top and low-rise stretch pants (hip sash optional). 
Shoes not required for class, we dance barefoot.
If preferred, you can wear ballroom, jazz or ballet shoes. Street shoes and flip-flops are not allowed.

Walk Around

      An excellent choice for corporate  and larger events and parties, where the duration of the event is at least 3 or more hours.  Especially when there is an opening reception, cocktail hour, etc. 

       Dancers can be at the door or entrance in costume to meet and greet guests as they arrive.  Pass out party favors, beads, etc. depending on the type of event. 
       Additionally, they can mingle and dance  around the guests in an area specified by the client. 

       This adds atmosphere and ambiance to your setting and/or event.  This is great for Moroccan  and Arabian nights themed events, holiday parties, New Years Eve or any large celebration.  

       You can hire dancers for an hour of walk around, meet and greet and audience interaction for the opening and then have the same dancers perform one or two shows during the next hour. 

       Maybe you want to surprise the guests by having one or more different dancers for the performance hour than you used for the opening walk-around portion. The choice is yours and there are many options for your event.

Contact Amina to discuss the best choice for you. 
(954) 895-8153 or

Performance Options for Your Event

Amina’s shows are suitable for all crowds, regardless of age, sex or ethnicity. Great for children and teen parties as well.  Amina’s shows may include improvisation, choreography, props such as veil, finger cymbals, sword, cane, fan veils, Isis wings, candles, and/or live drumming and music.   Upon request, she may also provide multiple dancers for larger events; including cabaret and tribal belly dancers, fire dancers, live drumming and/or live Middle Eastern musicians, tarot card readers, and henna artists. 
All shows booked for 6:00 pm or later are considered evening performances. There will be a charge of $35 per performer, for shows booked on or after at 11:00 pm, no exceptions.  This includes late starts due to client delay in scheduled performance time.  Any balances owed are due and payable in the form of cash only at the event, prior to performance.
**Due to the current pandemic of 2020, the recent surge in cases across the state of Florida, and until further notice, all performances must be located in an open, outdoor area.  There must be ample space for performer's show a distance of 6-10 feet from the guests.  Guests should wear a mask during performance. In addition, there will be no audience interaction or inviting guests up to dance.  Performers will be unmasked, so social distancing must be adhered to.  
Prices are subject to change, particularly with short notice.  Please call to confirm pricing and availability when booking a performer or performance. All bookings are on a first come, first served basis and based on performer availability.  Advance reservations are highly recommended.   A 25% deposit is required to book and reserve a dancer a for your event.

Please pay via PayPal to reserve!


 Client should provide a good sound system for the dancer/performer to play their music.  Music can be provided via mp3 player or CD.  Please know in advance, if there will be a DJ or sound person for the music and a system with speakers available for the performance area and whether it is a club house, ballroom, private residence or restaurant.  Should dancer/performer need to bring a portable sound system with him/her to play his/her music, there may be an additional charge.  Large events need to provide a DJ or sound person and sound system.
 If you are having an event at a restaurant/bar and would like to have a dancer perform for a birthday, anniversary, or other special event, please check with the restaurant, venue, etc. in advance, to be sure they will allow an outside performer to entertain your guests/tables during your event.  Also, be sure to ask if they have an available sound system for use on site and what type of system they have so dancer can have music in the correct format, mp3 player or CD.  If no system is available, dancer will need to bring a portable sound system. 
Performer(s) will need a greenroom, or other area to prepare, warm up and get ready for performance upon arrival.  At the very least a bathroom if no room is available and somewhere safe to store their belongings between shows and while performing.

Pricing For Belly Dance Shows

 There are many options to choose from and below are prices for all private and corporate events.  For bookings outside the Florida Tri-County area, contact Amina at (954) 895-8153 to discuss options and pricing, or e-mail Amina at **Interaction on hold during pandemic!
Belly Gram
  • 15-20 minute performance-$175-$225
    Short show w/interaction,great for surprise B-Day parties!   
Single Show Bookings
Boca Raton to N. Dade and all of Broward County:
  • 25-30 min. performance, weekends.........…......…$225
  • 25-30 min. performance, M-TH………….......………...$200
  • 20 min. performance, weekends.........................$200
  • 20 min. performance,  M-TH................................$175
West Palm Beach & Southern Dade County:
  • 25-30 min. performance, weekends……......... $250
  • 25-30 min. performance, M-TH......................$225
  • 20 min. performance, weekends……...............$225
  • 20 min. performance,  M-TH………….……...……..$200
1-Hour Booking Options

Option #1        Two (2) shows (2-sets) of approximately 20 min. each, performed within an hour long booking; photos to be taken between shows or immediately following performance.

Option #2      One (1) 20 min. show with photos (optional); short break followed by one (1) 20 min.  audience interactive show with instruction.

Option #3       Walk around, meet & greet with guests, photo ops. No structured performances or instruction.

  • Boca Raton/N.Dade&Broward……..........$275 1st hour
  • West Palm & Southern Dade County……$300 1st hour

Why not add another Dancer and/or Drummer to the show. Great idea for weddings, corporate events, and large banquet halls.

Additional Dancer/ Drummer or Musician
  • 1 set (25-30 min)  …………………………………………...………$200 
  • 2 sets- 20 min. ea or walkaround (1 hour)…..........$275 
 Multiple Hour Bookings

 Add $125 for each additional hour booked per dancer, performer or musician/drummer.



Video Performances

Raqs Sharqi
The Ancient Dance

From the folkloric village style to the glitzy showgirl style, belly dance captures the imagination. In the West we are accustomed to the name "belly dance", but the Arabs actually call it “Oriental Dance” or Dance of the East …. Raqs Sharqi.  This is Arabic  and literally means oriental dancing which is the classical Egyptian style of belly dance that developed during the first half of the 20th century.
From the fiery dances of the Roma from Turkey and Macedonia, to the complex hip work of the Egyptian Ghawazi and the trance-oriented dances of Morocco, to the Sambra Mora of the Spanish Gitanos, the Arab influence is felt and links strong local traditions.   This style of dance has ancient roots and is one of the oldest forms of dance, originating in pre-Biblical religious rites worshipping motherhood.
Belly Dance engages all major muscle groups through their full range of motion using gentle repetitive circular movements and isolations targeting specific muscles groups. This dance form is low impact and gentle on the joints and internal organs.  It helps improve posture with proper body alignment; helps ease digestion; increases body awareness, strength, flexibility, and balance; increases muscle tone; and helps manage stress while increasing self-confidence, self esteem and female empowerment.  Learn to control muscles you never knew you had while strengthening your core and back.  
Let Amina show you the artistry of the dance at your next South Florida party, wedding, or special event or call to schedule your group or private lesson with Amina.

What Our Clients Say

I have been taking online belly dancing classes with Amina. She is amazing. In a short time, I have not only learned so much but also had lots of fun. She is a great teacher and super easy to follow. I have never felt so feminine and graceful. Thank you, Amina!

Danet Figg
Miami, Florida

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